Hospitality & Leisure recruitment

We at IHR recruit comprehensively for all areas of the Hospitality and Leisure sectors and capable of filling diverse job profiles, with the best of industry caliber. Whether our clients are looking for a floor supervisor with fresh qualification or a senior manager with substantial experience, our recruiters will have the right industry connections to head hunt the best fits for your HR need. We vouch confidently that both our clients and candidates are fully satisfied in our professional service and the effectiveness of our recruitment. Our success lies in our ability to match the most suitable candidates to correct positions within the time frame given for the recruitment process. Our dual commitment to both the hiring organization as well as to the candidate we place for the vacancy ensures mutual satisfaction of the employer and employee, which is the key to effective functioning and performance of a new recruit. All these factors have contributed to making IHR the preferred choice among many hospitality and leisure business operators for fulfilling their recruitment needs.